Leadership Ministries

MCM’s Leadership Ministries staff and programs resource our spiritual leaders and congregations to develop skilled and well-supported leaders.

Leadership Ministries supports pastors by:

  • offering individual pastoral care
  • providing opportunities for continuing education, seminars and workshops designed to strengthen and stretch ministry
  • facilitating and leading monthly pastors’ cluster meetings in each of four regions within MCM

Appropriate resources and workshops are also made available to those involved in other aspects of congregational leadership.

Leadership Ministries also assists congregations in:

  • encouraging and calling persons to ministry
  • pastoral searches
  • pastor-congregation relationships
  • credentialing persons for ministry
  • pastoral reviews
  • providing assistance in situations of mediation and conflict resolution

For more information about these programs contact Jeff Friesen or Karen Schellenberg.

Leadership Bursaries

Mennonite Church Manitoba makes annual bursaries available for those interested in theological studies with pastoral leadership or missionary goals.

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MCM Cluster Groups

For those who might be new to MCM, the 38 congregations that make up MCM are divided into 4 Cluster Groups.  These groups usually meet monthly.  The primary objective of these Cluster Groups is to provide a space where pastors can support and care for each other.  Jeff Friesen and Karen Schellenberg (Co-Directors of Leadership Ministries) attend and at times facilitate these pastor groups.  


Cluster Group Schedule 

November 2022

Topic/Theme:  Pastoral Visits/Congregational Care

Eastern Cluster -    Nov 18 - 12 p.m. - Arnaud Mennonite 

Southern Cluster -  Nov 16 - 12 - 1:30 - Altona Bergthaler Church

Western Cluster - TBA

Wpg Cluster - Nov 9, 12 - 1:30 - MCM Lunch Room - 600 Shaftesbury 


December 2022 

Topic/Theme:  When is it time to leave my pastor job --how do I know, and how do I do it? 

Eastern Cluster - TBA

Southern Cluster - Dec 14, 2022 (12 noon) - Zoom 

Western Cluster - Dec 8 - Grace Mennonite Brandon 

Wpg Cluster -- Dec 7, 2022  (12 noon) - Zoom 


January 2023

Date:  January 18, 2023 

Topic/Theme:  New Pastor's Orientation and Pastors and Families New Years Meet and Greet (times TBA) 

Meeting Format:  In person at 600 Shaftesbury Blvd.  All Clusters.


February 2023 

Topic/Theme:  Work Life Balance/managing expectations ( Young kids, bi vocational ministry, part time, full time)

Eastern Cluster -- (in person) 

Southern Cluster - Feb 15 - 12 p.m.  (zoom)

Western Cluster - TBA  (in person)

Wpg Cluster - Feb 8 - 12 p.m.  (Zoom) 


March 2023 

Theme:  Talking to the leadership team about a raise, sabbatical, holidays, MOU 

Eastern Cluster- (in person)

Southern Cluster - March 15 – 12 p.m. Seeds (Altona) 

Western Cluster - TBA

Wpg Cluster - March 8 – 12 p.m. Bethel Mennonite