Executive Minister Search

Executive Minister Search

MCM Executive Minister Job Description .pdf

Link to the Confidential Response Form.

From the Search Committee:

The MC Manitoba Board asked the five of us (Colleen Edmunds, James Friesen, John P. Klassen, Nadya Langelotz, Karen Schellenberg) to serve as the Search Committee as the Board seeks a new Executive Minister.

 At our very first meeting we determined that a vital first step in this process needed to involve extensive opportunities for us to listen to the MCM constituency.  We desire to hear the input of as many as possible and to that end wish to extend the following invitations to you.

 Please pray for this search process and for us as we seek to hear God’s voice and listen carefully to the voices of God’s people within MCM.

  • Please contact any one of us if you wish to share in conversational form your hopes for MCM, ideas and/or concerns for our discernment, or names of potential candidates.
  • Please attend the MCM Gathering in Altona on March 7; all of us will be attending and be available to listen.
  • Please visit the link above that allows you to send responses to us.  They will be treated confidentially and be seen only by the Search Committee

 The following questions are ones we offer for your consideration; we believe the last one offers the opportunity to address ideas or concerns you have that are not covered by the other questions.

 What are your hopes for MC Manitoba for the next 5 – 8 years?

  1. What do you perceive as the most important opportunities and/or issues the new MCM Executive Minister will need to address in the next 5 years?
  2. What are the most essential strengths and gifts (personal and/or professional) that you think the new Executive Minister will need to lead MC Manitoba in the years to come?
  3. As a Search Committee we recognize that this is a position that will require a person with a blend of pastoral/relational gifts and administrative/management gifts. How would you weigh that balance?   Where should the greater emphasis be?
  4. Is there anything else you want the Search Committee and the MC Manitoba Board to keep in mind as they search for our next Executive Minister?

  The MCM Executive Minister Search Committee

  • Colleen Edmunds; Elim Mennonite Church (Grunthal) (and MCM Board member)
  • James Friesen; Altona Bergthaler Mennonite Church (and MCM Board member)
  • Nadya Langelotz; Sargent Mennonite Church (Winnipeg)
  • Karen Schellenberg; Charleswood Mennonite Church (Winnipeg)
  • John P. Klassen, Search Chair; Emmanuel Mennonite Church (Winkler)