MCM Delegates Reflect on We Declare 2022

MCM Delegates Reflect on We Declare 2022

September 7, 2022 – One month after the conclusion of the Mennonite Church Canada Gathering in Edmonton, Alberta, delegates from Mennonite Church Manitoba continue reflecting on the impact of the event.

We Declare 2022 focused on the theme of bearing witness to the good news of Jesus in a changing world. Participants heard stories of witness from the host Mennonite Church Alberta as well as from across Canada and around the world. In plenary worship sessions attendees recited and acted out the words of 1 John 1:3 on which the Gathering theme was based: “We declare what we have seen and heard.”

The worship services were a highlight for MCM delegates, including compelling sermons from MC Canada Executive Minister Doug Klassen and guest speakers John Boopalan, Cheryl Bear, and Kara Carter. Another highlight was connecting in person with fellow Mennonites from across Canada, rekindling old relationships and starting new ones. Delegates also pointed to the workshops as providing good opportunities to focus on particular topics.

Overall, MCM delegates expressed appreciation for the event as a way of bringing together the church from across Canada. “The overall tone was positive and forward-looking,” one delegate noted, much needed after more than two years of pandemic.

In reflecting on the Gathering, delegates also noted some questions and concerns. A common concern was the lack of time for delegates to have discussions together around important issues such as climate change or envisioning the future of MC Canada. Some delegates expressed uncertainty about what their role as delegates should entail.

These reflections from our delegates give a good sense of We Declare 2022, says MCM Executive Minister Michael Pahl. “We see ongoing questions about how our new structure as MC Canada is still being worked out, what it means to live into this covenantal vision of church.”

Since a significant restructuring in 2017, MC Canada is now five regional churches—British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Eastern Canada—covenanted together for shared support and ministry. Individual congregations covenant together to be the regional church, and the regional churches covenant together to be the nationwide church.

“We have a new operating agreement for MC Canada which gives greater clarity to the various roles in our structure,” Pahl notes, “but we do need to do some work on fleshing out the role of regional church delegates in this structure, including their role at our nationwide Gatherings.”

Despite these challenges, Pahl agrees that MC Canada Gathering 2022 was a success. “It was the kind of event we needed after the past two-and-a-half years,” he says. “Coming together as a nationwide church to worship, to learn, to listen, and to be inspired by what God is doing among us. We’re all hoping for a similar experience in person at our MCM Gathering in 2023!”

Video recordings of the worship sessions, delegate sessions, and online workshops from We Declare 2022 can be found at A list of MCM delegates can be found at

Mennonite Church Manitoba is a covenant community of 37 congregations and is a member of Mennonite Church Canada.


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