Hope Unleashed

Welcome to Hope Unleashed: a MCM collection of congregational resources.   Here you will discover a variety of resources suitable for a variety of settings.  Camp staff singing camp songs for our households with kids. Short sermons to provide options or supplements for your worship services.  Children’s stories for Sunday or mid-week household use.  Stories of our community of faith to nurture connection and inspire faithfulness.

Video resources - free for congregational worship use.

If you need original files to embed in a worship video, please contact Darryl Neustaedter Barg - dnbarg@mennochurch.mb.ca

Circle of God's People - Lyric Video

Camps with Meaning staff share "Circle of God's People"

Words and Music by Camps with Meaning Staff.
Lyric sheet with chords is available at www.campswithmeaning.org/summer/memories-of-camp/music/

Origin - Children's Story

4:50 min Children's Story.

Camps with Meaning Leadership staff-person Johanna Klassen meets the disciples who, after Jesus has left them, remember that first time they met him and how their lives changed.

Two Churches Becoming One. Story/Meditation

5.25 minute Story/Meditation

A very hopeful story about Crystal City Mennonite and Trinity Mennonite Fellowship, on the journey to merge into one congregation.

Grandma Time - Children's Story

4:40 minute children's story by Camps with Meaning staff: Sol Schlegel.

Psalm 27 - Song

Paul Dueck shares his setting of Psalm 27, accompanied on the Paraguayan Folk Harp.

Recorded at Camp Assiniboia.

God's Love in a Changing World - Children's Story

A 3 minute children's story, written and illustrated by Leanne Doell from Carman Mennonite Church.

Narrated by Carman Mennonite pastor, Rachel Siemens.

Cooking with the Disciples - Children's Story

5.35 minute children's story. Led by Camps with Meaning Leadership Staff - Isaac Schlegel.

Psalm 23 - Song

Paul Dueck's own setting of Psalm 23.

Recorded at Camp Assiniboia, May 2020.

Gonna take a chance - Lyric Song Video

Camps with Meaning Staff and Campers
Recorded summer of 2017.
Words and Music by Camps with Meaning Staff.
Lyric sheet with chords is available at www.campswithmeaning.org/summer/memories-of-camp/music/

Finding a new way: Fishing! - Children's Story

6 minute children's story.

Camps with Meaning Leadership Staff Johanna Klassen talks about finding new ways, and how Jesus disciples found a new way of fishing.

Gott wird dich tragen / God will take care of you - Lyric Song Video

Gott wird dich tragen/God will take care of you - German/English Lyric Video
Paul Dueck leads from the Paraguayan Folk Harp at Camp Assiniboia.

Text: Frances Jane van Alstyne-Crosby vor 1890 / Walter Rauschenbusch 1890
Melodie: Ira David Sankey 1890

Hope Unleashed in the face of Uncertainty - Sermon

Dorothy Fontaine - Director of Mission for MCM

9 minute sermonette/meditation

John 21:1-13

Jesus attends to his disciples on the shores of Galilee during a time of great uncertainty.   In a time where half of Canadians are experiencing some decline in mental health because of COVID-19, what can we learn from the miracle of the fish and the simple meal that Jesus made for his disciples?

Jesus on Disappointment - Sermon

Ken Warkentin - Executive Minister

8 Minute Sermonette/Meditation.

John 20:19-29
Much disappointment going around - Jesus' response was simple: we're starting fresh - "Peace be with you"

Go in Peace - Lyric Song Video

3 minute song with on-screen lyrics by Camps with Meaning Staff.

Good for sending or call to Christ-centred action.

Words and Music by: Loretta Friesen-Wiebe and Diana Epp-Fransen. Permission is granted for congregational worship. Lyric sheet with chords is available at www.campswithmeaning.org/summer/memories-of-camp/music/

Peace be with you - Children's Story

Children's Story based on John 20 by Isaac Schlegel, Camps with Meaning Leadership Staff.

Lego characters. Moderate action. Closing comment and prayer. 5 minutes.