Hope Unleashed

Welcome to Hope Unleashed: a MCM collection of congregational resources.   Here you will discover a variety of resources suitable for a variety of settings.  Camp staff singing camp songs for our households with kids. Short sermons to provide options or supplements for your worship services.  Children’s stories for Sunday or mid-week household use.  Stories of our community of faith to nurture connection and inspire faithfulness.

Video resources - free for congregational worship use.

If you need original files to embed in a worship video, please contact Darryl Neustaedter Barg - dnbarg@mennochurch.mb.ca

Advent/Christmas Songs collection

Jump into the MCM Google Drive here to find files of Advent/Christmas songs. The musicians in these videos give permission for their recording to be used. Where possible, the index document notes whether the song requires licensing, or which license should be used for you to share these on your site.

Circle of God's People - Lyric Video

Camps with Meaning staff share "Circle of God's People"

Words and Music by Camps with Meaning Staff.
Lyric sheet with chords is available at www.campswithmeaning.org/summer/memories-of-camp/music/

Origin - Children's Story

4:50 min Children's Story.

Camps with Meaning Leadership staff-person Johanna Klassen meets the disciples who, after Jesus has left them, remember that first time they met him and how their lives changed.

Two Churches Becoming One. Story/Meditation

5.25 minute Story/Meditation

A very hopeful story about Crystal City Mennonite and Trinity Mennonite Fellowship, on the journey to merge into one congregation.

Grandma Time - Children's Story

4:40 minute children's story by Camps with Meaning staff: Sol Schlegel.

Psalm 27 - Song

Paul Dueck shares his setting of Psalm 27, accompanied on the Paraguayan Folk Harp.

Recorded at Camp Assiniboia.

God's Love in a Changing World - Children's Story

A 3 minute children's story, written and illustrated by Leanne Doell from Carman Mennonite Church.

Narrated by Carman Mennonite pastor, Rachel Siemens.

Cooking with the Disciples - Children's Story

5.35 minute children's story. Led by Camps with Meaning Leadership Staff - Isaac Schlegel.

Psalm 23 - Song

Paul Dueck's own setting of Psalm 23.

Recorded at Camp Assiniboia, May 2020.

Gonna take a chance - Lyric Song Video

Camps with Meaning Staff and Campers
Recorded summer of 2017.
Words and Music by Camps with Meaning Staff.
Lyric sheet with chords is available at www.campswithmeaning.org/summer/memories-of-camp/music/

Finding a new way: Fishing! - Children's Story

6 minute children's story.

Camps with Meaning Leadership Staff Johanna Klassen talks about finding new ways, and how Jesus disciples found a new way of fishing.

Gott wird dich tragen / God will take care of you - Lyric Song Video

Gott wird dich tragen/God will take care of you - German/English Lyric Video
Paul Dueck leads from the Paraguayan Folk Harp at Camp Assiniboia.

Text: Frances Jane van Alstyne-Crosby vor 1890 / Walter Rauschenbusch 1890
Melodie: Ira David Sankey 1890

Hope Unleashed in the face of Uncertainty - Sermon

Dorothy Fontaine - Director of Mission for MCM

9 minute sermonette/meditation

John 21:1-13

Jesus attends to his disciples on the shores of Galilee during a time of great uncertainty.   In a time where half of Canadians are experiencing some decline in mental health because of COVID-19, what can we learn from the miracle of the fish and the simple meal that Jesus made for his disciples?

Jesus on Disappointment - Sermon

Ken Warkentin - Executive Minister

8 Minute Sermonette/Meditation.

John 20:19-29
Much disappointment going around - Jesus' response was simple: we're starting fresh - "Peace be with you"

Go in Peace - Lyric Song Video

3 minute song with on-screen lyrics by Camps with Meaning Staff.

Good for sending or call to Christ-centred action.

Words and Music by: Loretta Friesen-Wiebe and Diana Epp-Fransen. Permission is granted for congregational worship. Lyric sheet with chords is available at www.campswithmeaning.org/summer/memories-of-camp/music/

Peace be with you - Children's Story

Children's Story based on John 20 by Isaac Schlegel, Camps with Meaning Leadership Staff.

Lego characters. Moderate action. Closing comment and prayer. 5 minutes.