Pembina Fellowship - Rain Barrel Fundraiser

In early Spring of 2021 twelve members of Pembina Fellowship gathered on lawn chairs in Tinker Creek, Manitoba to share thoughts around the climate crisis. The discussion grew from responses to three questions: “What do we believe about climate change?”  “What motivates us to act?” and “What keeps us from acting?”

As the sharing moved around many priorities and ideas emerged, but the idea that got traction that day was around rainwater collection.  Little did the group know that they were gathered just a few weeks ahead of an intense drought! 

Within two hours a plan had emerged to start installing rain barrels in the community.  Within a week the plan had grown into a full-blown Rain Barrel Fundraiser through Rain  By the end of June, there were more than 300 rain barrels installed around Morden and over 3000$ raised and sent to Water First, an NGO that supports water education and training in Northern Manitoba and Ontario. 

Water has since become a hot topic in Morden, with severe drought conditions lasting from Summer of 2021 until April of 2022.  This Climate Action group met again two months later to celebrate the rain barrel sale and to lament the evidence of climate change, amid stifling summer heat and lingering forest fire smoke. 

Their next meetings are for further Action Planning. 

( Contributed by Sandy Plett )