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MCM’s Leadership Ministries resources and empowers persons involved in congregational leadership.

The Director of Leadership Ministries (Conference Minister) supports and cares for pastors by offering individual pastoral care, opportunities for continuing education, seminars and workshops designed to strengthen and stretch ministry, and by facilitating and leading monthly pastors’ cluster meetings in each of 5 regions within MCM. Appropriate resources and workshops are also made available those involved in other aspects of congregational leadership.

Current Highlights

  • Financial Aid Options
    • A.G. Neufeld Fund
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    • Jake and Dorothy Pauls Pastoral Leadership Training Fund
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Congregations receive assistance in areas such as encouraging and calling persons to ministry, pastoral searches, pastor-congregation relationships, credentialing persons for ministry, pastoral reviews, and when necessary, receive assistance in situations of mediation and conflict resolution.

It is our desire to have both sufficient and healthy leadership in our congregations.

In addition, the Director of Leadership also oversees MCM’s chaplaincy initiatives (both the hospital and the university chaplaincy programs).

See more information on the vision and priorities of Leadership Ministries.