WOVEN is a community of Mennonite Women, primarily within Mennonite Church Manitoba, who

  1. Listen to the voices and experiences of women
  2. Respond by providing resources for women, through networks of support and idea-sharing
  3. Stand in solidarity with Anabaptist Women around the world by providing support and leadership development

For more information, contact Woven at woven.mcm@gmail.com or at the Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/woven.mcm

Mennonite Women in Leadership Bursary

WOVEN: Mennonite Women Together have established a bursary to support international Mennonite women with significant individual need who are studying at Canadian Mennonite University in a program that will equip them to be more effective leaders upon return to their country of origin. These women will receive support for programs offered at CMU.

The bursary is intended for a student enrolled in a graduate program, however if no graduate student qualifies, an undergraduate student can be considered. The objective of this bursary is to empower women and show solidarity and support for them. An additional benefit will be to establish relationships and networks with these women and their home contexts. The value of the bursary is $2,000.

Interested persons need to download and complete the Scholarship/Bursary Application Form (https://www.cmu.ca/docs/graduate/CMU_MA_Scholarship_Bursary_Application.pdf) for graduate students and submit it by May 31. In order for an undergraduate student to be considered, they should contact financialaid@cmu.ca for an appropriate application form.