Gathering 2020 Questions


Questions for reflection and response


  • Consider the Leadership within your congregation: Where would you welcome more resourcing for lay leadership development?
  • In your setting, what does congregational leadership look like in 10 years?

From Canadian Mennonite University

  • What would a purpose statement for CMU from the church entail, and how might it strengthen the partnership we both seek?
  • How can MCM, its congregations and its institutions, strengthen their capacity to call pastors - to tap and encourage those gifted for ministry – and support them in training at CMU?
  • How could a shared vision (developed by MCM, MC Sask, MC Alberta and CMU) to extend graduate level biblical and theological teaching and formation across the Prairies, strengthen our pastors and congregations?


  • How should we pay for Canadian Mennonite?
  • If we would continue inspirational programming, what would that look/sound like?


  • What is your church’s charism (identity, core gift)?
  • Where do you see new growth in your church or community?
  • Where’s God? What are the stories of God’s living presence in your church?

Camps with Meaning

How can camps and churches work together to: 

  • re-center the Biblical story and the invitation to deeper relationship in ways that engage and challenge our staff and our campers?
  • find ways to harness and nurture the energy and growth of camp staff after summer?
  • reclaim the church’s sense of ownership of camp and seeing camp as an extension of the church?

 International Witness

  • How do changes we see locally affect the ways that we engage international partners?
  • How do we work at mutually transformative relationships with international partners?

Indigenous-Settler Relations

  • What is your church's treaty story and what would you hope it to be?


  • Finance
  • Does our Annual Gathering work? What's good, what could be changed?