September 30thGratitude Groups - Fall 2021

All are invited to join Gratitude Groups starting again this Fall.

These small groups will meet on-line using the Zoom platform. We will meet for six sessions, every second week, for 40 minutes each time. The group will begin when we have enough participants to make a group.

This groups agree to this covenant:

*Confidentiality: what is shared in the group, stays in the group
* Safe space: if someone presents something they are grateful for that isn't a core value for you, that's OK, this is not a debating space
* We hold space for each other: focus on the person sharing, camera on, if possible, and mute when you are not sharing
* We commit to attending each session. If something urgent comes up, members let the leader know ahead of time.

We begin with a short reflection on gratitude as an opening and then each person has about 5 minutes to talk about what they are grateful for. We bless each person after their sharing and then end with a blessing to go into the rest of our week.

What others have said about being a part of a Gratitude Group:

What did you like best about the group? 

  • The blessing of hearing how others are grateful. 
  • Getting in touch with other people and hearing them express their experiences. 
  • The people were lovely, possibly more important was the way the group was managed - good boundaries, great leadership. 
  • encouraged me to think about what I am grateful for and not on my problems.  


How has your participation in the group affected your personal perspective and practice of gratitude? 

  • I never thought of gratitude as a practice. I find myself regularly stopping and recognizing the many things I have to be grateful for. 
  •  made me aware of how infrequently I expressed gratitude  
  • made me think of gratitude even more than I do but also hearing others express gratitude opens my eyes as well. 
  • I'm interested in the way that gratitude can shape our emotional and spiritual lives. It seems like a simple thing that can be very significant.  
  • We were given some skills to practice gratitude on a daily basis.  


What would you say to someone considering joining a Gratitude Group? (Actual participant feedback!)

  •  That it is beneficial and to go for it.
  • Try it.
  • It’s a good group.
  • Definitely do it! Laura shares wonderful devotions at the beginning.
  • I would recommend trying it. It's not perfect, and maybe feels a little forced with a group of strangers, but it's good to be stretched in new ways.
  • I would definitely encourage someone to join the group. I felt safe and it was a good opportunity to hear other people's stories.
  • No pressure. Just share how God is loving you just now.
  • That it was a worthwhile and beneficial experience.
  • Just join don’t even think about it.

If you would like more information about this event, please contacts Laura Funk at:
Mennonite Church Manitoba
204-896-1616 ext. 138