April 21st - April 23rdLiving Hope - Centering Connection - Retreat


Climate. Conversation. Collaboration. Community.


April 21-23. Camp Assiniboia.

A Gathering for MCM folk 16-25 yrs. old.

Registration Fee: $140.
Arrival Time: Between 3-6pm Friday April 21. Opening Supper 6pm
Closing Time: 12:30pm Sunday April 23.

Register online.

We have invited guests/speakers/hosts from:

  • MCC MB- Marta Bunnet Wiebe
  • A Rocha MB   Zoe Mattis
  • MC Can  Sandy Plett
  • MCM Climate Action Working Group
  • An Artist to be on Site
  • Rural and Urban Activists
  • Local Foodies

What will we do:

  • Worship- lament, pray, sing, listen, celebrate.  The theme of Hope woven throughout.
  • Expand our understandings/imagination through: Conversation Circles. Teaching Circles. Activity Circles.     
  • Play. Walk. Watch the Sunrise. Star gaze.
  • Create art.  Share food. Rest.
  • Imagine future collaboration and connection.
  • Have a Saturday Night Earth Day Social- MB Style.

For more info contact: kgiesbrecht@mennochurch.mb.ca