FGMF Creation Care Task Force

  • In January of 2022 the people of Fort Garry Mennonite Fellowship decided it was time to increase the amount of time and energy spent on creation care. An existing committee spearheaded the installation of solar panels in 2020. 2020. There is an active website that shows how much energy they have captured since then: https://fgmf.org/about/fgmf-solar-energy/   They’ve also created a more environmentally friendly building, planted trees and established a garden on the church premises.

  • In April 2022, in the early stages of the development of the new Creation Care Task Force a group of 6 from FGMF met with members of the CAWG for a Faithful Climate Conversation. This conversation was helpful in motivating the group to begin reporting what individuals in the community are doing to make a difference 

  • In April the first FGMF Creation Care Task Force meeting happened and it’s been a whirlwind since then. One of the first tasks the group set to was a survey of church members, inviting people to share their own thoughts and personal actions around climate, as well as to share what types of action they’d like to see the Task Force initiate.  (What a great idea!) The survey is helping to inform plans for the future.  These plans include further greening of the church building and doing the work of inviting all church committees to consider their ministry area with a climate lens.  Other initiatives include inviting speakers to increase climate awareness in the church family and putting a budget in place for climate-related initiatives. 

  • The MCM CAWG hopes to be able to support the FGMF Creation Care Task Force and to be able to help multiply the ripples that this new climate action group creates! (compiled by Sandy Plett)