Congregational Ministries

MCM’s Congregational Ministries staff and programs resource our churches toward congregational health and spiritual vitality.

Congregational Ministries supports congregations by:

  • offering workshops and seminars for congregations (on worship, faith formation, etc.)
  • providing advice and assistance for age-specific church ministries (children, youth, adults, seniors)
  • making spiritual direction and retreat opportunities available for congregations and small groups
  • initiating and facilitating collaboration and conversations across congregations
  • fostering connections between MCM congregations and the wider Mennonite church (Mennonite Church Canada, Mennonite World Conference)

Staff partner with MCM-affiliated organizations such as CommonWord and MennoMedia to develop resources for congregations in lay leadership, worship, and faith formation.

For more information about these programs, see the events and resources below (being developed) or contact Kathy Giesbrecht, Director of Congregational Ministries.

Congregational health: strengthening, sustaining and growing

A MCM on-line series   November. 13, 20, 27.  7:30-8:30pm

What is this about?

  • Focus on congregational health: nurturing a culture of examination, exploration and experimentation.

  • Great opportunity for council and committee members from across MCM to learn and share together

  • Space for congregation to congregation conversation.  What are our current discoveries and challenges in the areas of: faith formation, worship, congregational care and community life.

The three dates and more info.

The zoom links will be here in the days before the event.

Nov. 27  Outward engagement   Hosted by Melanie Neufeld

  • Zoom Link
  • As we reflect on our congregation’s outward engagements, what is life-giving about these ministries and where are there challenges?
  • Are these engagements held by the larger congregation or by a few members?
  • How do we see our ministries contributing to the community in a meaningful way?


Nov. 20 Organizational Ethos   Hosted by Michael Pahl

  • How does decision-making happen in your congregation (within committees, leadership group, congregation, other)? How does decision-making work well for you? What challenges do you experience in making decisions?
  • How is/are the pastor(s) viewed within your congregation? What kind of authority do they have, and in what areas do they have that authority?
  • Are your bylaws, policies, and procedures working well for you? Or do you find that they don't address your current realities, or that they are too prescriptive or restrictive?


Nov. 13 Internal ministries   Hosted by Kathy Giesbrecht

  • What are some ways to strengthen and sustain healthy committee/working groups?  What regular practices contribute to this?
  • How do we encourage reflection and imagination within our committees/working groups?
  • What might we do to grow our congregation’s capacity for exploration and experimentation?  How is the language of testing and experimenting helpful?





"Walking Together in Faithfulness: A Guide for Mennonite Church Manitoba Congregations in Their Discernment and Practice of LGBTQ+ Welcome"

Link to the resource on CommonWord