a conference responding to sexual misconduct in the church

This conference tackled difficult and often-avoided questions, providing theological insights, practical guidelines, and personal stories. Participants came away from the event with a deeper understanding of the central dynamics of professional sexual misconduct within the church, and better equipped to prevent and respond to these painful situations within their own communities.

Keynote Speakers:

  • David Martin – Confronting Ministerial Sexual Misconduct in the Church
  • Carol Penner – Abuse in the Church: Sin, Accountability and Forgiveness
  • Carolyn Klassen


  • David Martin – Street proofing the Church
  • Carol Penner – Worship in a #MeToo World
  • Elsie Goertzen – Understanding Sexual Abuse by a Church Leader
  • Jaymie Friesen – Responding to Disclosures of Abuse
  • Kathy Giesbrecht & Gerald Dyck