Congregational Check-ups Underway

Congregational Check-ups Underway

Glenlea Mennonite Church is the first congregation to experience a new initiative of our regional church ministries: Congregational Check-Ups.

Director of Congregational Ministries Kathy Giesbrecht has begun piloting the new program this fall as part of MCM’s renewed focus on congregational health. “These Congregational Check-Ups,” Kathy says, “are really about checking in with each other. It is a time set apart for hopeful imagining, recognizing what God has placed in our hands and how to continue to walk in faithfulness.”
A Congregational Check-Up normally focuses on a Sunday morning, where the congregation devotes time together in their worship service, a Christian education time, and over lunch. These sessions are guided by a Mennonite Church Manitoba staff member, and involve both pre-Sunday preparation and post-Sunday follow-up.

Glenlea’s pastor, Cheryl Braun, says their Congregational Check-Up “was a great morning of storytelling and conversation across the generations. Kathy expanded our understanding of what a healthy congregation can look like by deftly leading us through a morning of reflection, learning, and engaging with one another in a way that was fun and motivating.”

Glenlea member Lori Enns adds, “What a great way to encourage our congregation with a ‘wellness/health check’! It forces us to take time to think about where we have been and where we are going, to reflect and think on topics before they become an issue. I am so glad our congregation could be Kathy’s pilot project!”

Cheryl notes further, “We already have a few folks working on some of the ideas generated that morning, and we are eagerly anticipating what new creativity and opportunities are still on their way to us as we put our hearts, hands, and feet to work for the life of the church and work of the Kingdom.”

Other congregations test-running this program are Whitewater Mennonite (Boissevain) and Morden Mennonite. The program will be opened up to others in the new year.

As Kathy reflects on this initial Congregational Check-Up, she says, “I remain grateful for the openness of the Glenlea congregation to be a pilot site for this initiative. My experience with them reminded me that the Spirit is alive and well among us.”

Let’s pray for the health of our congregations, that we might experience a fresh vitality of life together in the Spirit. If your congregation is interested in participating in MCM’s Congregational Check-Up program, please contact Kathy at Note also three online learning sessions on “Congregational Health” coming up starting November 13; for details see