MCM Staff

Ken Warkentin
Executive Minister

tel. 204-896-1616 ext. 262

Rick Neufeld
Director of Leadership Ministry

 tel. 204-896-1616 ext. 257

Dorothy Fontaine
Director of Missions

 tel. 204-896-1616 ext. 256

Kathy Giesbrecht
Assoc. Director of Leadership Ministries

 tel. 204-896-1616 ext.268

Janet Peters
Assoc. Program Director – Camps with Meaning

 tel. 204-896-1616 ext.254


Darryl Neustaedter Barg

Assoc. Director of Communications
tel: 204-896-1616 ext. 258

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Stephanie Wenger

Administrative Assistant
tel: 204-896-1616 ext. 260

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Elisabeth Franz-Warkentin

Administrative Assistant – Camps with Meaning
tel: 204-896-1616 ext.253 
Direct Camp Line: 204-895-2267

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Radio Program Producer

Dorthea Kampen – Frohe Botschaft

Camps with Meaning on-site Staff

Please call the MCM office or visit the Camps with Meaning Web site contact page for contact information

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Camp Assiniboia

David Hogue, Manager
Linda Dueck, Guest Group Coordinator
Alfridie Braun, Food Services Coordinator
Jake Fehr, Maintenance
Paul Dueck, General Assistant