MCM Gathering 2020

MCM Gathering 2020

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MCM 2019 Report Book (for the 2020 Gathering)

 Over 170 guests joined MCM staff at the 2020 Annual Gathering for Mennonite Church Manitoba. It was the highest delegate count in seven years. Delegates enjoyed worship, food, and much reporting on the work we are doing together.

Altona Bergthaler Mennonite Church (ABC) staff and members hosted the assembly well. A special mention goes out to ABC for a generous, late in the giving season, financial contribution to MCM, when they discovered they had a surplus.

“The special ABC gift brought us closer to a balanced budget. Indeed, congregational giving was a bit higher than we budgeted. I am deeply grateful for the confidence and partnership this giving represents.” shared Ken Warkentin, Executive Minister. “The shortfall was realized in individual and corporate donations. This is an area that needs attention.  I am also grateful to MCM staff for keeping spending in line with income.”

All reporting to delegates by staff and partners was designed to look forward. “Where are we headed, and what are the challenges?” were the fundamental questions. Perhaps one of the most pressing was the question on how to bring MCM support of Canadian Mennonite into line with other regions.

Delegates became most animated by a question asked by Dorothy Fontaine, MCM’s Director of Mission. “In the context of a rapidly changing environment, what is your church’s charism (identity, core gift)?” Delegates got in line at the microphones to share positive gifts they've observed in their congregations.

Mennonite Church Canada and Canadian Mennonite University are unique partners to MCM, and they were invited to integrate their reports into the day. This integration was designed to highlight the fact that MCM’s work is much more than what the office staff can accomplish.

To see the (maybe a little overwhelming) list of questions asked by those reporting, visit: